Information about our business

Warm Referrals provides marketing services for professional services (the Customer). We market on social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace, on behalf of our customers. We provide a suite of applications to allow consumers (the End-User) to transform their social networks into powerful, local databases of trusted referrals for professional services. In providing the marketing service on behalf of our customers, we help our customers acquire more clients.

Our Customers
Our customers are professional service providers - dentists, doctors, lawyers and accountants.

Our End-users
Our end-users are consumers seeking professional referrals from their online social network of friends, family and colleagues.

Our Product
We deliver referrals to our customers by actively making connections between our customers and end-users. End-users are also referred to as the client or potential new client. For each client referral generated for professional service providers:

  • We provide our service provider customers with the name and contact information for the new potential client.
  • We provide our service provider customers the name of the person who made the referral (friend of new potential client).
  • We provide the new potential client the service provider's name and contact information, through use of our contact center.

    We directly contact the new potential client electronically (and via phone if available) to further facilitate connecting the two parties - the end-user and the service provider.

    Cost and Terms for Service Providers
    Our fee structure for our service provider customers is as follows:

  • Cost: $100 per customer delivered by Warm Referrals to service provider customer
  • Term: Per referral of customer to service provider.
  • Service Guarantee: If the referral does not become a customer for the service provider, at the request of the service provider we will refund the fees paid for this referral.

    Terms and Commitments
    Our Commitment to our Service Provider Customers: Warm Referrals provides a referral request including: name, phone and/or email of the person being referred; name of person making the referral; and assistance in helping you connect with the referral. If for any reason, you are unable to convert this referral into a customer, we will refund your payment. Please notify us at or (866) 219-8359 to request a refund.

    Service Provider Commitment: Act expediently and use professional integrity in dealing with and following up on all referral requests. Agree to pay the fee set forth in this agreement and authorize us to bill you through the credit or debit card provided.

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